Living Well: A stay at the 1 Hotel West Hollywood is the perfect spring break getaway

1 West Hollywood hotels

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably juggling a lot of responsibilities, making the idea of ​​taking a week-long vacation somewhere tropical during spring break difficult. If your schedule is too hectic or your desired destination is too far away, you can try a staycation instead. A staycation is a holiday or rest period spent at or near your home. Stays have many benefits, such as avoiding airport stress, saving money and reducing travel time, allowing you to get some much-needed rest. I recently experienced my first stay at the elegant 1 Hotel West Hollywood.

Located on the Sunset Strip, the property is known for its innovative architecture and modern design elements. With the hotel located about 30 minutes from my apartment, I thought it would be the perfect spot with just enough distance to unplug, rest and recharge. I was right. With the property’s sprawling panoramic views and proximity to Hollywood, it was hard not to be inspired by the setting. Even though it’s located in the foothills of the Hollywood Hills, it felt like I was in a giant tree house due to the property’s commitment to nature and sustainable living. With wood features and verdant walls at every turn, the 1 Hotel West Hollywood felt like a sustainable sanctuary.

In addition to resting and enjoying a plush hotel bed, I’ve participated in several wellness activities, such as a private somatic yoga session with their residential yoga expert, Natalia Grace, and a relaxing stay at their new Bamford Health Spa, which made me feel like I stopped in Fiji during my stay

So, if you’re thinking about planning a staycation for your spring break, here are some things I’ve learned and experienced right in my own hometown backyard that might inspire you to book yours.

I was able to rest and recharge.

Due to my schedule, unfortunately I don’t get as much rest as I should. However, I was able to relax at the hotel, enjoy a new environment and catch up on lost sleep. The locally sourced and sustainable bedding and non-toxic organic mattresses certainly helped.

Living Well: A stay at the 1 Hotel West Hollywood is the perfect spring break getaway

I stayed present.

During my outdoor somatic yoga session, I was able to clear my mind for an hour to focus on meditation and simplified breathing. My instructor was attentive to my needs and body injuries and he didn’t pressure me to demonstrate that the vinyasa flows perfectly. Instead, he fostered a safe environment rooted in well-being and acceptance. Instead of an intense 8am workout, the expert created somatic experience exercises to create heightened awareness. He used a crystal bowl to increase my focus and concentration during the practice.

I tried new things and stepped out of my comfort zone.

Everyone loves a good spa; at least I know I know. The 1 Hotel West Hollywood Bamford Wellness Spa does not disappoint. The spa opened to the public at the end of January 2023 and is dedicated to nourishing the mind, body and spirit with a holistic approach based on a sincere connection with nature. I tried several treatments during my stay, including the Bamford Himalayan Stone massage and the crystal therapy infrared sauna.

Living Well: A stay at the 1 Hotel West Hollywood is the perfect spring break getaway
1 West Hollywood hotels

The full body treatment combined warm Himalayan stones to work deep into my muscles, allowing me to experience a profound release of tension and feel a sense of balance. Next was the therapeutic sauna treatment, which I have to admit made me nervous. I went into the second treatment thinking I was going to be put in a sauna but instead I climbed onto a sauna blanket over a waterbed machine! Then, a red laser mask was applied to my skin. The result was glowing skin, relaxation and supple muscles. Highly recommended!

My stay and time at the 1 Hotel West Hollywood was a refuge from the daily grind of my responsibilities and the rush of life in Los Angeles.

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